in the network for a long time, people seem to have become abnormal, always feel like a data packets in the network, to be manipulated the mouse to the back and send it, if you don’t even know how I should this is the.

      more than a little sidetracked, to start:
      as to the analysis, first said yourself, N, after watching young cynic began to curse me, ^_^
      first class: call our body person, this much I don’t know, but I think it is not much, was a hot blooded youth, think the network is should be fully shared, what if it is much more to come, as long as there are people who need to directly send out, think more friends of the way, it wanted to send out after things or just like no echo, fell into the sea that engraved with the "splash", since it only heard the sound of the sea waves, don’t see the voice of the monarch fart. Or jjww said a non-stop, not complete what ah, what toxic ah, what is wrong. Or is found among people in the network to sell the code a few days later, consider how this thing is to sell it, remain perplexed despite much thought, suddenly wake up one night in a dream, only their own feelings of Dawu, encountered a liar code ah. After all the code, and will not be ignored, what is more, the code generated fear Zheng, who direct black list to the code, this network is the emergence of a large number of young cynic turned on, do not stop abuse, said a person with the code when the baby. World conscience. Don’t scold…

      second: call arena heroes, this kind of people who went, or cattle, or free reign of terror, in each big forum as cheerful as a lark, the influential man, alas, genius general this kind of person does not exist too long, or annoying dead, or people scold dead, or directly to the hermitage, no longer intervene in the arena.

        third: call a person, there are two kinds of this kind of person, is a rich and cruel, everything interests a miser, wealth is never exposed, this kind of person is one of the reasons causing the generation of fifth people ^_^..

        Fourth: call Street ruffian, this kind of a lot, like rivers and lakes in the hand, wandering everywhere, there is good stuff and ran to it, free from the network, as the little mouse as Ximen Chuixue sword unsheathed, knock on the keyboard, like Yang Guo palm shoot such as, but not the same. "