I really do not want to say anything, I have seen the voices of everyone, I think our hearts are interlinked.

chose GG, is to choose a good faith, and has been walking, never been warned, itself never resort to deceit and GG, undertake the social responsibility and pride (GG papers and papers have hit theft excited me).

this time, GG really do not so honest, lost the consistent humanization of the wind.

It is without rhyme or reason. reduce our more than half of revenue, although Meiqimingyue reduce false hits, but how many can not be justified, because did not see the price increase, the price of natural high quality requirements should be high up; it had to let us have the association, is not GG it docked our small income.

we have higher incomes, a point is not high, we work until 12 pm, with their own hard work and sweat, relying on the network persistence and confidence in the GG, with a little dream, added to the GG release, GG can be a small move, let us sweat this is contrary to the GG cast to the wind, the spirit of enterprise. I believe this is something that has never happened in the history of GG, especially in the United states.

If the

is to determine the GG webmaster thenjust titles, resort to deceit, not available to all owners will kill.

I lose self-control and wrote the above words. This brief reply is worth considering even from the third party point of view. The relatively calm tone depicts a typical Chinese personal webmaster on the website of the beautiful vision and hard work, from the logical point of view, the author is not a sneaky tricks, every day fantasy webmaster, presumably also and Adsense together through a short time. It can be said that his current state of mind should be a considerable part of the portrayal of Chinese individuals.

this is a reply from me just like this post which nonsensical or malicious beyond count, set aside part of the attack, we seem to have a common aspiration: Google Adsense is the year we pursue that goal? Since the Google Adsense free China launched its website, content oriented small and medium-sized keyword matching model quickly occupied the majority of personal website, webmasters hope into the ranks to release Adsense. Along the way, there is money? Of course, also a large number, we gave Adsense income a number of friendly name: knife, the sound from the "dollar" the English word "dollar". (I hope not "butcher’s knife" mean it) always see the webmaster online exchange made how many knives how many knives, I really admire, I thought I could one day receive the PIN code, but… Recently, I heard the voices from the grassroots webmaster is questioned more and more opposition, so many negative news do not know Go>