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iron brother purely from the perspective of their own observation, comrade Cheng Xiaoyong with his toes can want what I am writing, only that he overestimates his toes, if I can guess his toes can be programmed to. Your ring is really a wonderful circle, when the outside world has no objection to reflect on their own business model, but with the toes to which people are guilty of what the author heard no inference, is not conducive to their own news about business in the future I can oh.

statement is completed we analyze the third party based on WeChat’s development company.

just released WeChat developer permissions at the beginning, the pioneer of a business mind is based on the WeChat made all sorts of development modules, such as micro mall, micro micro official website members like, but overall WeChat just as entrance, jump to third pages. The essence of the third party page is just a mobile phone site is so simple, and its various micro module is only logo for a change, the core is still a mobile site, some products may have the so-called micro innovation, but the fundamental unchanged.

third party companies just need to sell a variety of product templates, servers and data are in the hands of the third companies. Is called managed services. Server and data firmly in the hands of third parties, greatly increasing the next year to renew the chips. But because the third party company to provide basic is the modular service, unless there is a large enterprise to the general enterprises difficult to get third free personalized service, personalized service is difficult to down to earth to bring real value.

for example, iron brother saw several third party data analysis functions, basically stays in the path analysis of traditional sources of electricity supplier PC era, such as click Browse ranking page keywords and other elements, but the iron brother think this old data analysis model has been difficult to adapt to the development of large data under the requirements of the mobile internet. Iron brother think the mobile era analysis data, should establish the mathematical model, the specific consumer spending habits analysis, regional, age, frequency of consumption, consumption and other elements in a certain amount of parallelism algorithm, which can describe the consumer’s Facebook, precision marketing using WeChat mobile function. Iron may be too advanced, third party companies really did not do.

in fact, on the business model, the third party company is just thinking of the station, and the Internet era under the PC site actually no essential difference. Most companies use third party platform just as tokenism tools (not the occasional bickering said that several successful cases), but not really bring value.

for example, the third party for businesses to build a micro mall, traffic from where, how to break the internal staff of the Department of online barriers to online diversion is the third party development company can not solve the problem. At present, the company is just a fresh third party as a gadget to play it, the general service prices are below ten thousand in the year to the enterprise without any burden. But if the first year does not bring value,