began in the United States to raise the public, had come to Chinese, then into the more local characteristics — "the" light "chips". For example, the name of the congregation to play the play of exposure, like Wang Feng’s concert; but also as productivity implantation marketing to fans, like Zhou Hongyi in the first book of Jingdong to raise public platform, after this "public", the industry has begun to try to raise public mode.

a few days ago, to attend a media seminar, guests are mainly talked about how to use the Internet thinking to build brand, said Sichuan Airlines case, with the current popular chips thinking is very similar, so I left a deep impression, and that it is worth and to share.

Sichuan Airlines

aviation is a small, nearly two years of the launch of business model for large airlines to catch up — take Sichuan Airlines passengers can ride free vehicles into the city. In this process, Sichuan Airlines did not spend a penny, and even earn a lot of money. The original free car market price is 148 thousand yuan / vehicle, Sichuan airlines and promised to be responsible for the sales promotion of the vehicle, the final price of $90 thousand / car to buy 150. Then Sichuan airlines to 170 thousand yuan / car sold to the driver, although prices more expensive than the market price, but Sichuan Airlines each take one passenger driver promised to give 25 yuan. Due to tourists, income stability, the ownership of the car also belongs to their own, the driver is willing to take out the money.

a, all the chips is what?

this case does not seem to raise public projects, but the use of the public to raise the thinking mode. All the chips in the end is what? All the chips started in 2008 in the United States, which is by way of the Internet publishing and fundraising project to raise funds, with a similar group purchase + pre order form, to raise funds for the project model to the users. More than a point, with the more popular sentence can be interpreted as: "is that you can not afford to buy their own aircraft, but there are 10 thousand like-minded people to buy a plane together with you, you will become one of the aircraft owners."

core thinking is to raise public: to build a platform to bring together the strength of each small individual to complete a project, and to participate in the interests of small individuals get. The case of Sichuan airlines, even if there is no Internet platform to launch the project, but the mode of operation is reflected in this core thinking. Sichuan airlines for passengers, car manufacturers, drivers and other industrial chain in all aspects of resources to establish a platform for circulation, so that all participants at the lowest cost to get the maximum benefit. Passengers fancy free ride rights, so the priority to purchase the airline ticket; the driver saw the employment prospects, so the purchase of the car manufacturers; air passengers purchase power, so the lower the price to sell the car. In the transfer process, Sichuan airlines as the project sponsors to raise public role, passengers, car manufacturers, drivers are supporters of the project, the project’s supporters to accept the need to pay, and obtain the corresponding return. The success of a wool out of the dog, let the pig to pay the successful marketing.