to distinguish these black sites for the general Internet users is indeed a difficult thing

"more than 90% pornographic websites and fake websites use the.Com domain name is." Even Japan, a number of pornographic websites and fake websites have been exposed, and the subtle relationship between these "cancer network" and ".Com" domain name triggered strong concern, more insiders shout: for the healthy development of the Internet,.Com regulatory norms and enhance imminent.


90% site dependent.Com domain name

General Administration of press and publication recently released the fifth batch of 122 pornographic literature website, which failed to perform the site filing procedures, is illegal business. It is worth noting that these were exposed in the list of more than 90% sites using the.Com domain name, and the domain name registration information is not true 80%.

coincidentally, a lot of fake websites are also eyeing the regulatory loopholes and rampant.Com domain name. Recently, Wuhan police uncovered a series of selling counterfeit cases, involving victims throughout the country of more than 3 thousand people, and the victims were logged some "cheap drug sales site". In more than and 200 the sales of counterfeit exposure of the State Food and Drug Administration black sites, 97% are using the.Com domain name, 90% of them did not fulfill the website registration procedures. According to public information of the relevant departments, as of now, after the approval of the State Food and drug administration, can provide Internet and drug transaction services to individual consumer sites, in China is only 27, but on the Internet with medical websites all under the banner of peddling the drugs are thousands.

"Internet pornography, sale of counterfeit criminals opened convenient ways. .com domain name is to open the door of the master key, therefore, network security experts had to remind consumers: if you are opening a.Com website, but be careful, because you are likely to visit a sale of fake or pornographic websites.


.Com domain name regulatory loopholes and the temptation to benefit

porn sites and fake website both fundamental reasons of.Com domain,.Com domain name or vacuum left by criminals for convenient regulation of huge profits.

informed sources told reporters that the majority of black site managers to fill in the false information can be registered using the.Com domain name, and the site does not fulfill the filing procedures. Even if the site was closed due to illegal content, because they can not lock the suspect, these people will soon re register a domain name comeback. "The.Com domain name is the fake medicine and pornographic websites frequently" revived "magic weapon", the provisions of the state on the.Com domain names, domain name registration information is true, accurate and complete and the site without registration shall not run useless.

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