IDC network ( on 18 August 07 reports: according to the latest data from the latest statistics agency show that in the 2 week of July, the total China.ORG domain name is 188261, the growth rate from positive to negative, a net decrease of 2173, a decline of second in the top ten ranking. The decline is ranked first in the United States, net minus the.ORG domain name of 4832. Next, look at the detailed data analysis of the IDC review network.

  (Figure 1) second weeks in July the world’s total.ORG domain name list TOP10

as shown in Figure 1, in the second week of July, the global.ORG domain name of the top ten ranked as follows: the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Canada, China, Japan, Spain, Italy, Holland. Compared with last week, no change, in addition to the United States is still far ahead, runner up Germany also maintained its own advantages.

  (Figure 2) second weeks in July the world’s total.ORG domain name list TOP10

according to figure 2, IDC review network learned that in the second week of July, the United States.ORG domain total negative growth of 4832. Last week, the decline narrowed nearly half, but still ranked ten in the top first. China’s decline followed, its growth in this week by positive negative, net minus 2173, there are now a total of 188261.ORG domain name. In addition, France, Canada, Spain, there have been negative growth, net minus 87, respectively, 1089, 132.

and.ORG in 5 countries total domain net growth, Japan’s largest increase, a net increase of 1077.ORG domain name; followed by Germany, Britain, a net increase of 158; Italy and Holland respectively, a net increase of 13 and 28, 16, belong to low risk increase, the negative growth in the next week.