I often look at the www.admin5.com, see a lot of webmaster do stand experience, found a very common problem.

say a swordsman PW http://s.www.xk50.com station that he himself! Do a lot of the station actually all is PW release station, we all know that release station is not good, very fierce competition. Not a good environment is not easy to do. The same reason, do stand to be flexible, found that most of the selling is connected to a friend, no matter how many stations. In the end, or to sell connection. A word of the farmer.. Farmers are always farmers) in fact, you are included in the station, you can try to do rankings. Of course, it is not necessary to do the station, for example, more fiery " fund ". Fund this word is fiery, but the competition will not be big! Stand is not how? Can use their own stand and others to connect you want to do rankings of the connection. This is conducive to the rankings, there is no fear of ranking do not earn money, but also every day to sell the little connection money?

article although broken, valuable on the line.

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