China in the Five Secrets of Yalong a Baidu Post Bar promotion! The first mentioned that there must be an attractive title.


a lot of people, whether it is to write ads or write soft Wen, or papers, essays are also OK, he did not know how to write the title, or to write the title is not attractive.

if an article in the Baidu post or forum, if there is not enough attractive titles will soon sink. For example, with a monthly advertising text, a good headline hits is the title of the bad times, bad traffic is several times the same amount of money to bring. If the conversion rate is the same as the flow of several times the difference, then the order is certainly reflected several times.

how to write an absolutely attractive advertising title or title of the article? Let others see it immediately CLICK!

it is necessary to analyze the customer’s psychology, that is to learn another article – marketing psychology!

in the course of Zhang Hui’s wealth password will talk about such a thing: human decoder!

understand the human decoder, interpretation of customer psychology, of course, to write a good title to analyze customer psychology, decoding the customer’s psychology!

It is good to the human

decoder of personal psychology, two to write the title at

China Yalong very appropriate!

1 curiosity!

people are curious psychology. If the street people have a dog bite you may not pay attention to, and if it is a dog bite you must go to see what is going on. For example, secret revelations, exposure, disclose, the latest and tips on what will immediately cause people’s attention. We need to write the title to stimulate the curiosity of the visitors!

I believe a lot of friends, should read this two advertisements on the Internet: a monthly income of millions of money and secret! Can’t say secret! The two ad is our network advertising money machine course, we never use two words in all of our training in advertising. If someone else is aware of the training is to see, click is greatly reduced. You might think so, those looking for training customers will not lost? The answer is no, because we did the test, if the two ads together he will first point of our advertising, since he is our advertising, you can think of others will let him go to click on ads?

I just saw an ad is very good, and share with you: for the first time in 21 years, I have the desire to recite words!

I don’t study English, I see what I have to click to see what is inside. Curiosity, 100% use human curiosity.

2 greedy heart!

people are greedy. No one will think too much money, no one will feel satisfied. Everyone is the best. Are lazy, all is not