is now a lot of personal webmaster to do a lot of places, each page will be online users have their own QQ, there are several groups are built on the level. The use of QQ group has been an essential part of the business site. Here to talk about the development of local portal thinking bar.

first, the location of the site:

1 website before their first QQ group is built, and the development of a certain number of people, and can put their own will to do the website name out, this is a key step of the website, is very helpful Oh! The more the better group.

What do you

2 station is interested? No matter, want to profit from the beginning you have to prepare for future earnings, of course, the profit is not to say who want to make money to earn, he certainly is a difficult process, only a clear purpose of their own site in the future development, in order to avoid detours, to move towards the road to profitability.

3 specific areas of specific information which industry? Do it or do you travel, or the other, can be decided according to their own specific local conditions, do local portal must do the "full" and "fine", services in place, to choose the local characteristic industry the "full" and "developing our own fine" in the local site to the bright spot in the industry, as long as the local features and highlights, I believe you have to stand up in the local site.

4 you do stand is to see who’s doing? Who will be the guest of your site? (first built QQ group also has this advantage) who will be interested in your site? This is a key to decide your future profit model and the promotion of the site.

two, the promotion of the site: (with red Gan Lin as an example of simple talk about it)

1 the choice of the domain name; good domain name will let you get better promotion effect (such as site name: Red Jiangxi forest, the name of the domain:, this is the name of the web site, a good mind, this is important. Because everyone will remember your station in the first impression.

2 if publicity:

A to the area, people often go to the field and homesickness often go to the website, Forum promotion, advertising attention skills, not just made by the family of deleted posts, letter ID, actual propaganda, Baidu will play a very good publicity platform, if you can apply for the local post bar, publicity words naturally sweet.

B, the use of friends, colleagues, students and other relations between the publicity, local sites have this advantage, a person knows, soon there will be more people around to know.

C, the conditions are ripe, and then you can use the strength of the local media, television, advertising signs, neon lights, etc. as well as local internet homepage propaganda work.

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