email marketing network marketing is very important in the way of marketing, especially as it was found that the extraction of QQ group members, email marketing more accurate, more and more to receive email marketing network marketing staff favorite. But a lot of friends to do marketing when doing email marketing is always only the foolhardy, thought out even the completion of marketing. Not knowing that most of the mail into the dustbin, some users see a fish escaped through the Seine also know advertising, nor what open interest. E-mail marketing completely failed, did not work hard.

How do

email marketing is effective? Viscount SEO started doing QQ email marketing from the 13 year, although not that experienced the failure, but at least the experience is very rich. Take out to share.

on how to extract QQ and QQ mail from the QQ group, I will not dwell on, too many similar articles online. You can search Qun Weiwei blog, there are several articles on the QQ mail marketing, very detailed! I said today that the main mail marketing notes.

the first point, the time to send must choose to send". The purpose is very simple, is not to let people see this article is mass. If you do not point, respectively, to send, then, when the user points to open the mail will be found in the recipient list a lot of recipients, so that users are very annoying, and some even report. So this must pay attention to!

second points, the best handwritten title. The title of the email is as important as the title of the article. Write a others see open title is very important! For example, before I do P2P net loan, often wrote "this several P2P platform run away, do you have?" and later turned into question, such as: do we company is doing IT operation? This standard as long as the user sees the problem, open rate is very high! But when writing, must pay attention to: 1, each time, or as the best title. Although probably the same meaning, but the title is also the best difference, so as not to be rejected or as a batch of spam. 2, the title is best to set the color, this QQ mailbox has this function, great purpose is to increase the difference of the title, but also very eye-catching, improve the opening rate.

third, send the text of the text in the beginning and the end of the part can add some characters. If you send hundreds of thousands of letters, the content is the same, it is very easy to be thrown into the dustbin of spam. If it is sent between the two post offices, simply can not send out. The following is the message I sent, because the title and content of the article are the same, all delivery failure, a little useless. When some software can automatically send each message header and footer add variables are not the same, forming a complete message, the success rate for delivery is also helpful.

fourth, select the read receipt. The purpose of this is to look at the delivery and see how many