Ten methods of

network promotion

network promotion is one of the means in the use of network marketing, in the appropriate use of network marketing, can better promote the transformation of sales, better service for the sale. Network Marketing Institute of Yang Tao teacher summed up the ten common network promotion methods, I wish you all the network business is booming.

a discount promotions

discount promotions are the most common network promotion, so you need to sell the product must have a price advantage, so that it is easy to discount, or there is a good purchase channels.

two, premium promotion

to buy a product or service in the customer, can give customers a complimentary product or some small gifts, to bring the main product promotion, to choose some special gifts in the choice of products, so that customers are interested in.

three, integral promotion

at many sites, support the virtual integration, there is no support, can adopt the integral card, each customer consumption time, give members accumulate points, these points can be exchanged after small gifts or in consumption, as the use of cash.

four, lottery promotion

lottery promotion is also a common way to promote the network, the lottery should pay attention to open and fair and equitable, prizes to be attractive to everyone, so that there will be more users interested in promotional activities.

five, joint promotion

if your website or shop with others, in some complementary products, you can do together to do a joint promotion, the expansion of both sides of the network sales are very good.

six, holiday promotion

Network promotion

during the festival, is also a commonly used method, holiday promotion should be paid attention to when associated with the promotion of the festival, so that it can better attract the user’s attention, improve the conversion, network promotion Festival can refer to Yang Tao’s "Dragon Boat Festival website promotion law" ten and http://s.www.imakecollege.com/hangye/dongtai/267.html.

seven, anniversary promotion

if you encounter the anniversary of the station, or how much to break through the number of visits, the number of users to become the first, the amount of turnover exceeded the amount of clearance, you can use these anniversaries can expand the network promotion.

eight, coupon promotions

users in the purchase, a certain amount of consumption or the number of times to give users a coupon, will prompt the user to come here next time you consume, of course, also reached the purpose of the network promotion.

nine, limited time limited promotion

limit sales promotion in the supermarket, you can often see in the network promotion, can also be used, now in the supermarket has not let use, because of fears that the stampede occurred in the accident is not on the network