speak better than random Tucao

do not believe you go to micro-blog, B stand to see

fire up the sister man which is not Tucao emperor



, of course, is not to say that there is no tender sister sister market, but the exchange of a little tired for a long time. Life is full of pressure, it is necessary to release the time to find such a sister to talk about life, not as good as the basis of friends Tucao two sentences come true. You know, there is now more and more speak in a kind manner no matter, want others to recognize and remember what you say, not really sharp Tucao constantly give personal advice.


rapid development in this era of the Internet, can be said to be Tucao no threshold, not to write scripts but also use your brain. Nothing can Tucao mental burden, just move your fingers, to say it out, you can see the major video sites are open the viewing barrage. In the behavior of the behavior of such a popular Tucao, sharp, with a bit of insight, a little culture, with the public life is just related to Tucao naturally stand out. In particular, Tucao contains elements of anger, but also with a bit of natural sense of humor, but also to arouse public sympathy, have points praise forwarding.

so, marketing dogs, slot marketing not to send it?


we first understand the slot point marketing

daily buddies Tucao is really bad, Tucao, terrible food products, to meet a real idiot like, we read Tucao will no longer express concern, at best: "Oh, sauce ah, made."

marketing dog obviously can not be so solid (Tian) in (Zhen). Our purpose is to attract people, so we have to do is bury groove, to control the direction of network Tucao, for example, find a few niubable hand piece consistent sound, arouse the desire of ordinary Internet users Tucao, let them finish vomit tank also could not help but concern about the incident, follow up, even if they are in order to facilitate the next round of Tucao, also can maintain the topic of heat.

in this, had to mention the slot full of "Crown Princess promotion".


this is a talk about slot marketing, you can immediately think of a network of people think of drama. Can not understand the character modeling, rotten vulgar background, through the topic of God innovation, familiar and modern lines…… Tucao type hand piece is recommended, inspire people’s curiosity, with "why this drama toxic" doubt, point when video is still thinking, why it can capture your micro-blog home page, maxed out your circle of friends


then you are stealing into the Department.