1 first movie station, domain name, buy domain name, this can choose according to the keyword name, this is very important. For example, free movies, thunder Pinyin initials or abbreviations, English, English. For example, my movie station www.keydy.cn

2 to master the more popular movies, the use of Baidu or GG to do some SEO optimization if done well, then the effect is very obvious


must be connected if he is in the movie network if you want to connect it with him do you have a good grasp of his film a lot of update frequency exchange, connection if you don’t have it fast or his website to see fewer people advise you not to exchange the same site.

4 forum promotion. In almost every piece of paper I have stressed that the forum is the most direct and effective means of promotion, especially suitable for free movies such entertainment station promotion, but should pay attention to post when it is best not to use some too non-ferrous title to deceive you, the attitude to be sincere, I believe we will accept you.

5 Baidu blog. You can actually post an article titled " free yellow movie " attractive.

Pay attention to the content of

6 because the site is the soul of the content before


7 treat each member seriously, membership is your wealth.

8. Traffic from search engines, such as Baidu. Baidu seems to be the major search engines included in the fastest speed and the most likely to pay attention to new sites. Make sure your site doesn’t have any cheating before submitting to Baidu. But your station was Baidu included, please seize the time to cheat. Do not cheat on the home page to do, because the home is very easy to find cheating. Turn the battlefield of cheating to paging.

9. Although the flow from Baidu high, Baidu included site speed, shielding the site’s speed is HIGH. Especially the movie station, whether or not you are cheating, as long as you get from Baidu where the flow of more than ten thousand, then you have to be careful, maybe one day you can find your station pass to Baidu’s staff. But it doesn’t matter, no Baidu, there are other search engines. Google, Yahoo, sosou and other reactions without Baidu fast, anti cheating measures are not sharp Baidu. As long as the appropriate adjustments to the keywords, the search engines will not shield you.