yesterday was Thanksgiving, but also the eleven foreign shopping festival. With the domestic double eleven compared to the foreign online shopping market is not a small glimpse. Foreign electronic business platform will launch a lot of discount activities, while domestic consumers want to buy foreign goods, the most simple channel is the current cross-border electronic business platform, as well as a variety of overseas purchasing personal or company. But cross-border electricity supplier has entered the downturn, overseas purchasing has exposed the drawbacks, the cross-border electricity supplier also needs supervision mechanism and perfect platform. Huge overseas market space, cross-border electricity supplier still has a strong vitality.

cross-border electricity supplier is difficult to solve the problem of fake

compared with the domestic electricity supplier crackdown, the difficulty of cross-border electricity counterfeiting more difficult, because the overseas supply channels to ensure, lead to the cross-border electricity supplier and overseas purchasing fake flood. Even the domestic supply, and then forged a single courier information, in fact, is a blatant deception of consumers. Many overseas purchasing is the case, domestic consumers favor overseas products, mainly the quality of foreign products and foreign brands. But the overseas market also has a large number of fake and shoddy products, domestic consumers deceived fish in troubled waters of a few black sellers. Cross border electricity supplier can not guarantee the quality of goods, then domestic consumers will lose the desire to buy.

cross-border electricity supplier consumer rights difficult

domestic users to buy overseas products, such as the emergence of damaged goods, substandard quality and other consumer disputes, it is very difficult to adults. Related to the overseas seller and courier companies, as well as domestic express transfer station, so what exactly is the responsibility of the parties, it is difficult to distinguish. Cross border electricity supplier of water is too deep, consumers will become a careless lamb to be slaughtered. At present, Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform are actively into the cross-border electricity supplier ranks, but whether the cross-border electricity supplier, or local business platform, online shopping rights have become a long-standing problem.

cross-border electricity providers need to improve the supervision mechanism

supervision, regulate cross-border electricity supplier without delay, it is proposed to set up a relevant cross-border electricity supplier Rights Association, consumer rights issues to deal with. The consumer association must also advance with the times, the establishment of cross-border electricity supplier online shopping rights institutions. This is also the domestic electricity business platform is difficult to cure cancer, fake. Online fakes from the line manufacturers, so manufacturers are the real culprit. The key is that the electricity supplier crackdown of illegal manufacturers, especially some illegal black workshop. Sellers choose such a commodity supply, nothing more than a profit. Electronic business platform can severely punish the sale of fake shop.

cross-border electricity supplier this is a blue ocean, but because many criticized into Dead Sea. So that consumers can buy at home to foreign products, shopping, trade stimulation are very large. Cross-border electricity supplier is still in an immature stage, the need for a better management mechanism. This article by the crocodile download station original reprint reserved address