Qianjiang Evening News reporter correspondent Liu Xiongwei Fu Yingjie


mobile phone users on App Store (app store) must be familiar, some applications, design fashion and fun, a lot of users love, open the Taobao store after 90 guy Xu, is one of A.

He likes playing amateur

mobile phone games, to buy games and equipment, also spent some money, but once through App Store refund, Xiao Xu found that results in a way of earning money, paid the price.

at present, he has been under criminal detention by the police, the specific case of the police is still under investigation.


Taobao store cheap game currency

recently, Jinhua Jiangnan Public Security Bureau police brigade, in the process of online daily inspections, found a phenomenon, some friends in the discussion of apple App Store, the words on the refund was mentioned several times.

the police found that part of the refund application are tricky. Yongkang Dongcheng Street small Xu Taobao shop "so apple Mobile Games recharge" is one of them, his store lists a variety of popular mobile phone game.

Xiao Xu said he just start a business, that is Mobile Games full game currency service, if you buy the props in the game player Mobile Games through his store, such as a diamond coin, the price would be even cheaper than buying their own in the apple App Store.

, for example, the price of a special tour of the official price is 648 yuan, and through the small Xu on behalf of only $548, equivalent to $15% off. Xiao Xu really get such a preferential price through the normal way, the police investigation found that there are problems.

sufficient evidence, in October 26th, the southern Public Security Bureau police network police brigade in conjunction with the local police station, will be arrested in one fell swoop.

modus operandi:

uses App Store malicious refund

police initially identified, Xu in six months, dozens of crimes, illegal profits of nearly ten thousand yuan. How did he do it?

, for example, Xiao Xu’s Taobao shop received an order from the players, the other side wants to buy a tour of the value of 800 yuan props.

so small Xu asked the other game player to provide their own game account and password, Xiao Xu to game player account on his mobile phone, the mobile phone game login, click to buy props, jump out of the Apple ID (in Apple account) page, Xiao Xu filled with Apple’s own account, and to 800 yuan is the official the purchase price of the item.

later, Xiao Xu quit the game account, game player to confirm receipt of $800 worth of props, Taobao will money to call Xiao Xu, Xiao Xu shop 800 yuan charge, he received only 700 yuan each other even lower, the little Xu Qi not lose money.