of the pictures is currently very famous Eslite spoof advertisements, this thing no matter whether there is a VANCL marketing objective, but the result is the brand VANCL received a free great range of communication effect. For the majority of Internet users, favorite, funny, identity is that they can share one thing and more people, because the creative and happy, because happiness and resonate, lead to more people because of sympathy and creativity, this is a very interesting thing. Good product they will "talk", similarly, into the brand spread good ideas will "walk", and word of mouth on the Internet, your brand or product with "spoof seed" corresponds to a certain just perfect is the key. For the younger generation of consumers, only to show brand LOGO can not solve the problem, and to "spoof" in the form of taking advantage of the creative, can achieve silent dissemination of corporate brand or product. Compared with the traditional "indoctrination" advertising, the popular marketing method is very easy to cause the resonance of consumers, "KUSO" marketing advantage will become an important means of marketing in the future to a certain extent, the reason is:

first, low cost. "Kuso marketing" mostly spread through the network, the more common is the PS video, text and pictures, to the enterprise, the key is to have a good idea, the production cost compared with ordinary advertisement is almost negligible, but the release of the network platform is free, can be said to be the low cost of production, low cost communication.

second, spread widely. For most people, "KUSO" funny, easy to remember, easy DiCaprio, wonderful ideas to attract the audience to watch, and realize the two communication, by watching the makers of reputation, make full use of the Internet spread fast and wide range, interactive advantage, in a short period of time "virus" spread.

third, big impact. "Little spoof also has the big concern, in fact, many seemingly small spoof, once there are many people started to pay attention, its ultimate impact will be beyond imagination," ban Wang Laoji "let us see the power of a strong network. At the same time, a number of highly entertaining spoof material will be created by the Internet users to achieve a greater degree of spread and cause greater impact.

can say, spoof marketing, is a very economical, effort, one of the best viral marketing tools. What are the characteristics of the specific spoof marketing is to spoof the gimmick, humor, humor, close to the way of life, the material will be processed as a carrier to spread, that is, spoof marketing. There are relatively well-known Hu Ge’s famous Steamed Buns murder, fat and so on, is in too much.

What are the benefits of

spoof marketing? It is not the first carrier after processing only one, but very much the carrier, because the threshold is relatively low, users can be very small threshold into the ranks of the stories, not aware of the join spoof team, and let the public entertainment stories itself at the same time, only.