everyone wants to sell online. But your contact with customers is built on the basis to buy more simple on? You might think, how can I make it easier for customers to buy? All the things they need to do is click on the following products in the shopping cart, then fill out the information after the bill. Of course, it may be convenient to buy things from you, but it’s just a matter of action. How to make them suddenly decided to buy in you is the most convenient


they can go to your opponent there by clicking a few to buy the product, or get some contact. But this is just a process that customers will experience when they buy something. For most of the industry, they will do research, before making their own decisions to find some of the relevant options. What are the specific factors that make them determined to buy?… Micro conversion.

get little promise

what is a micro transformation? For your site, customers rarely make commitments, so that they will not become a customer to buy. But you need to keep in touch with them. For example, ask them to sign up for your email news, download free software, register for 7 days free trial, fill in the relevant requirements, etc.. These are not what you really want. What you really want is to buy. However, you need to keep in mind the importance of the micro conversion in the purchase channels.

these small commitments are important because they are two of the heart’s code of commitment and consistency are interdependent. You can see from the psychological tendency is consistent. In fact, in most societies, people are not all alike. Therefore, once a person promises something, they will try to do what they preach.

this is applicable to any situation. For example, if you have experienced such a situation, even in the legal status of some officials in the poor conditions they can be re elected? You may be frustrated by the reason this happens, but in fact these are well explained by the temptation of. For those who have elected officials who do not admit that they are wrong, they want to keep with the previous word, even if that evidence is not so. It would take a lot of effort to admit that they were wrong in the second election, rather than for the first time. It is not so hard to elect candidates again when they make a commitment to the voters. That’s why it’s hard to shake an incumbent.

from single to blind date

for the purpose of marketing, so that people can do micro transformation is a process from single to date. It’s easier for people who don’t make a commitment, if you can get a customer’s commitment to your brand