lead: when the actual marketing strategy, we always follow the logical thinking and basic knowledge. And any marketing strategy is based on careful logical thinking


in the field of marketing has been widely mentioned, even many layman are hung on the two strategies about that, it is hunger marketing and word-of-mouth marketing, in the author’s opinion, the people speak and pose as a person of high morals "charity", preoccupied with people who speak ", people say" quick "strategy, the market about the robber the integration of resources is not what difference. If you simply say nothing, execution will be "Zhaosi" rhythm.

in the actual formulation of market strategy, we always have to follow certain common sense and basic logical thinking. Any marketing strategy, is based on the rigorous logical thinking, after numerous proposed was overturned, and then again with Xiaoqiang vitality, are the need to have extremely rational support.

is not hunger marketing or word-of-mouth marketing, the core is not rational appeal but emotional appeal, if you let the participants to enjoy the pleasure and panic of a quantitative and detailed description, then TA is impossible to say it, because it is difficult to express, copy, by no scrutiny of individual feelings.


expression and the spread of perceptual, are established on the basis of rationality, otherwise it is a desert palace and fortress, not only the long term cannot prevent the sink and be "sucked", and the sand in the short term will be ready to break the waves.

unfortunately, we routinely said hunger marketing, but is a trial products and core service, is in the enterprise strategy is used as the pioneer and death squads, and is actually in the war. The commander of the overall strategy, it might be some effective strength in this lighting, touched the pulse of the market, the real products and the main force will be in the opposite strategy to the market.

also need to have the basic elements of hunger marketing, in the premise of these can have, is a dead end.

in line with market trends. In the event of advocating impetuous, time excessive packaging and bombastic, you achieve perfection in its simplicity, it will be abandoned; on the contrary when the whole society despised extravagance and waste are advocating clean, and when you are very careful enjoyment, to launch a luxury and regal enjoy high prices to flaunt their own high quality, this is the contrarian strategy is to commit suicide.

in the formulation of marketing strategy, the current financial environment, policy environment, industry and industry, even the supply chain and the guidance of public opinion and other factors are needed to further study these basic lessons, the basic do not do their homework on a whim, success is monstrous absurdity.

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