I used to write about the WeChat marketing, these days to do WeChat, and a number of new feelings.

these days to see @Fenng and @Caoz micro-blog, there are a few words: dialogue that search, dialogue that is a service. Account that website, account is a game." I’ve been doing something about WeChat recently, and I have to say it’s fantastic.

if you give Zhang Xiaolong time, WeChat into a App Store like ecological environment platform, it is not impossible, let us look at whether it has now achieved a dialogue that search, dialogue that is a service. Account that website, account is a game."


at the moment, I have not noticed the WeChat version of the game, but Cnbeta, the owners of the house has repeatedly reported the news in this regard. I believe there will be, perhaps already, but what else? WeChat account that is a service, or even account that is App, I think it is not impossible.

WeChat and micro-blog what is the difference between the difference is that WeChat account can be a service, micro-blog account, only the content and social. Although the two have an open platform, but the property is here, you can not change, WeChat more private, micro-blog more social.

WeChat to provide ordinary editing features, and advanced development model, many of the current WeChat public number function, are developed through the development of WeChat model.

For example,

Evernote software is the software itself, notes, cross platform, ready to take notes, but in WeChat more convenient? We only need to search my impression notes, and then focus on the public account, binding the impression notes account, you can use WeChat whenever and wherever possible to take notes, this well, you mobile phone does not need to install the software you can use the notes function of this software, you only need to install the WeChat.

so we imagine the future, most of our needs can use WeChat to achieve, for example I use Google calendar to manage my schedule, it assumes that the Google function through WeChat API calls, I can use WeChat to manage my schedule.

Dropbox it can be bound by WeChat account, the management of their own uploaded files, or even download these files, real-time operation, real-time changes, cloud services.

this is really WeChat’s account that App, and we do not need to install so much software, you can achieve most of the features on WeChat.

recently, I was also observed by the industry’s well-known blog Neoease, I love to fish fish released by the WordPress plug-in, through this plugin can create most of the WeChat public account access blog article. It’s just amazing. You can click on this link to see the Neoease blog WeChat plug-in. >