in the network, we will see a variety of pictures, whether it is news, or online shopping platform, leaving the picture, the development of e-commerce can not be so rapid. In the field of electricity providers, responsible for the image processing called "art", the treatment of these people from several thousand to tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. Most of the time they give people a sense of mystery, an ordinary product, through their hands, it is easy to become a burst, was given high prices, the source of profits. Indeed, in the electronic commerce domain art occupies a very important position, no art, no matter how powerful the electricity supplier team running it up.

can not be separated from the powerful artist PS, and PS is just a tool

no matter what kind of art, their masterpiece cannot do without PS (Photoshop software), PS can be said to take the network. Learn PS, ugly figure can become beautiful, still can become dynamic, small to large, Yiwu can become the scene of Paris, remote mountain area can become a romantic ocean scenery, indoor can become pastoral……. As long as you can master the PS order, the electronic commerce to use the pictures make it out. We want to understand, want to do art, first learn PS, equivalent to do, we must first learn to use the swordsman, sword of the same reason.

first, PS it is just a tool, is not almighty God, do not want to think that when the point of learning PS, it can automatically handle the image to achieve the desired effect, which is the biggest mistake. For example, intelligent electric cooker, if we do not plug power, not the mega in, then click on the switch, good time, it will never put the rice boiled rice. Then the sharp knife, if we do not hand to cut vegetables, it will never be a husband our automatic cutting. PS is the same, it is just a tool, if we do not operate it, it will always be a silly pull that software.

secondly, the quality of the tool depends on the use of proficiency. People can use the animal and manufacturing tools, climbing tired will find a crutch, the outside is too much sun umbrella will. In our hands, any tool is very important. The same is the art, are using PS software, some people only 2000 of treatment, while some of the other, some do the art of the past two or three years, even a mobile hard disk, font library, material library are not ready for themselves. Simply put, PS proficiency determines the level of artistic treatment. For example, there are artists, you give him a picture, just use, he will help you out under the brush two, and some people open PS, what treatment first, then do not know what. One customer said to me, he hired a designer, in the company before the very God, say treatment not less than 4000, did not expect to work, what can you find at the end of the day, pull the 8 photos, also posted a computer accelerator table. Each press of a button, to recruit a corresponding paper…… Here, do not want to say the length of others, but this is the reality, even if the use of tools are not skilled, then talk about what