believes that today, everyone has advantages of XX fitting room things discussed many times, but in small series, they are the uniform bad. Whether this event is not marketing, anyway, is a failure. Then, a grade of the fitting room marketing should be how to play? Four case to tell you.

, everybody knows that. In related news, a few days ago and XX fitting room photos and videos, causing numerous onlookers and forwarding. It has been questioned whether the excellent XX marketing, and the user’s personal information. During the day, colleagues at the office to discuss the matter, Xiao Bian: not to regard it as right which company will be stupid enough to take their own Gu Ke (Shang) (DI) of the right to privacy joke, spread the so-called play! Evening dinner with friends, and asked the views on this question, Xiaobian intolerable and you, decided to seriously talk about.


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after the accident, many people have gone bad……

Edison was " naive " the incident, although ruined his career, but unexpectedly in the network world for a propagation test: in addition to group events, on passing to " " sensitive content; more easily spread on the internet. " " become pornographic; some mediocre artists, for the stroke of the eye means is playing at every time.

Xiao Bian said unequivocally here: if the " fitting room; " it is UNIQLO brand planning, then it is a mediocre brand



Three psychological characteristics of

media communication.

social media communication has three main features: show, share, onlookers. The fitting room is " " event propagation, on the surface seems to meet the three characteristics, but the deeper point of view


social media to make large-scale interaction into a single possible. Whether it is " or " " wealth; Yan Hyun value " " ", when " Hyun talent;; personal homepage " become " in social networking space; Avatar ", people are busy to present themselves through a variety of ways, shaping and protecting their good image in social networking in Cyberspace, interpersonal interaction with others, and for others can pay attention to their own lives, their identity and worship. If we put the network events behind UNIQLO as planned, it shows " " it is what? Apart from the video inside the small LOGO, the other is not what…… From the point of view of the parties, it is even more difficult to say – difficult