In "improve website traffic law" Davido cheats in an article to the webmaster or blog website or blog needs inspiration is personalized elements. How to achieve this goal? Personalized elements are often mistaken for personal, see some Adsense or blog with a private strong, even private words posted; also some of the website or blog page to create a very personalized, no scruples to the needs of the visitors, page design. Website content, dilute the access speed of reading interest. In the browse blog site, often see some on the home page or inside pages have very beautiful effects, but greatly affect the access speed or reading effect. This practice does not really understand the true meaning of personalized elements. I hope to share the "barrel theory" to provide a reference strategy.

throughout the page design, procedure, content, publicity, access speed, flow of six pieces of wood, each part can vary greatly. We should first look at these boards, looking for the worst piece of wood, because the worst part of the direct impact on the construction of the entire site. Is the worst page? Access is the worst? Is the worst design? Is the worst? The worst part is often the best part of the restrictions and constraints, thereby affecting the overall effect of play. The best combination of six boards is the key to find the weak part of the improvement or improvement. The pursuit of simple, clear the page static program simple, content integration, the original promotion of moderation, and strive to the fastest speed, traffic continues to grow, this is the Xu Guoping blog using "the same height of wooden barrel theory" to determine the.