The popularity of Apple’s

and App Store articles to create a business in a new place, mobile App business is very hot at the moment, the application of App prevailing on the market at least hundreds of thousands. The fierce competition in the market for many outstanding software developers have created her products, in marketing is king today but the flesh is weak. According to the actual mobile App promotion experience to share with you some ideas.

mobile App in initial stage, mobile App promotion will not necessarily be as manufacturers focus, this stage is generally the mobile App to create product stage, and not spend energy in mobile App promotion, let alone invested heavily in mobile App extension.

but the first phase of the product to build just after, mobile App promotion will immediately surfaced. As an entrepreneur, entrepreneurial team or a large manufacturer of a product, are faced with the least cost, the lowest risk to create the biggest revenue problem. Here to share with you 2 ways: one is the news marketing planning, a soft marketing. In contrast, the latter is more economical and is the most economical way to test the water and the fastest.

mobile App promotion marketing available for writing software to enhance the brand and reputation, that wrote a novel from the perspective of brushwork gorgeous, soft, put in the big site, Baidu included, the audience will feel a psychological hint: the promotion of mobile App software very high taste. Although the arty, but also makes people feel elegant, especially there is no in-depth understanding of the context of communication.

soft marketing in the promotion of mobile App is also necessary to pay attention to is: from the perspective of business strategy and timing point of view, this is the initial stage of the development of the industry. In other industries are big marketing means, but from here. Marketing is to attract the attention of the work, fresh is very important. In the promotion of mobile App, most of the traditional marketing tools are fresh.

and general software developed, will naturally accumulate a certain customer base, when we applied to mobile App marketing promotion, old users will see increased intimacy, so as to improve the trust and loyalty. CC call Hyun figure ( is also actively exploring the promotion of mobile App marketing experience in the promotion of soft Wen, I hope to bring the user satisfied with the mobile App application at the same time to give users a sense of brand. Of course, if the final soft marketing properly. Can get the reputation of the pursuit of marketing.