humans lose entertainment

what will the world be like?

had faded out of the ordinary life of birds

boring to make people even dare not want to

seven days long holiday has not been a happy enough

September 8th Jane Zhang her mother a paper statement

to work after the holiday as grave sadness away light

mosquitoes never care about gossip

but the entertainment circle repeatedly provocative cultural circles

let mosquitoes immediately to the Yi people round eyes at

look at the long copy of their relay race

nearly all self-made social hot

record breaking 100 thousand + industry record

as a copywriter

heartfelt sigh: learning entertainment good example


recent entertainment +

million + first person: Cao Yunjin

"it’s time, it’s time to do it,"

reading volume 57 million 170 thousand +

"my self-restraint has been used up before the rage!"

broken million cast, there are still 6 million 450 thousand +

Guo Degang in the "Tianya, not thin cool" 4KW+


to Jane Zhang’s mother,’s open letter

"I don’t want my daughter to go wrong again"

reports by major media

read broken million +

be nothing difficultFeng Ke

"I responded with" bottom

reading volume 12 million 680 thousand +

even Baoqiang Wang’s divorce statement

forward 690 thousand +, message 318W+, point like 560W+

KOL read

easily throw hundreds of thousands


ten million author’s copy

level actually has a high

what’s the difference?

mosquito guide to show you

a, with material:

content for Baoqiang Wang

put the headlines absolutely not wrong

even such as Zhang Guiying, an ordinary passerby

if there is no Jane Zhang her mother prefix

if it is not exploding star daughter marriage insider


of the innumerable small household affairs

connect with local social news