world cup is coming, how to do this with the promotion of the topic of the world cup, it is necessary. Of course, I’m here today to talk about promotion, not to say how to make use of the topic of the world cup to do the promotion, as for the promotion of this topic, I am sure that will be written in the article in the future. Today I want to introduce a kind of promotion method is, how to use pictures to do soft Wen promotion. Let’s take a look at the following picture about the World Cup:


this picture, we can regard him as a soft advertising picture, no matter what the original author of this picture is to make this picture, or the company really has such activities available to the company.

this picture is absolutely can be seen in the shadow of the network promotion, it is a very good picture of the case.

1, with some unbelievable, incredible things as a theme, such as the picture of a company during the world cup to encourage employees to watch the game, and the company delayed the work, there are other prizes presented, this topic has made many people objection, controversial is the effect of promotion.

2, subject object is on the one hand, and let people with true and false, such as this thing, you can as a spoof, can also be used as true, and the picture at the end of the company name and cover chapter is "harmonious" off.

3, in the article into products, such as the picture text mentioned above, four kinds of products: Red Bull, XBOX, the goose and Duck Pub, the leopard, which I only know Red Bull, the other three names are heard for the first time, what is the specific, I only know is Baidu later the.

4, a picture can be spread, there is no outside of the three aspects: funny (engage in people), nausea (Lei Ren), the dispute (cause right and wrong).

5, if it is to take advantage of the site to promote, you can add logo or text watermark!

author information: Wang Zhun, Wuhan network promotion Wang Zhunzhi blog ( original address: (reprint please keep)