has written an article on the local community case, mentioning the 19 floor. So in a web site a know who is the disciple St. Xian, claiming to be the big 4 students spray before graduation: 19 floor? BBS? Obsolete, the decline of the dead.

if by nature, I will fly a few big hat buckle: opportunism, fighting style, grass root plot. However, this way it does not meet the aesthetic needs of the public, and had to change to a book in return. At the same time, I am not in a hurry, because I still have a day of India – I just say, not responsible for persuasion."

well. The so-called BBS life and death, you and I said no, time can prove everything. In my ten years of experience, my point is:

over the years, the station is dead and the site is not dead, the site is dead and the Internet is not dead. We need to realize that BBS is not dead, but BBS can be extensive operation of the times gone forever!

where is the question of BBS’s dead? We need to recognize the fact that in recent years there has been a lot of work with community products:

1, a variety of products form the fierce competition, the increasingly fierce.

in the rapid development of BBS from 2002 to 2008, BBS’s only community product opponent is a very interactive blog. And now, the new products are constantly active, micro-blog, WeChat, Q & A (such as quaro, the domestic know almost). Just a few years ago it was said that the blog is dead? But this blog old is new again, the tiger sniffing network headed by IT from a grass root media A new force suddenly rises.; temperament very heavy small reporter Xiao pan (Pan Yuefei) from the media by counter attack, a step on the Sohu IT editor. Summary: BBS is the most suitable to write a soap opera series, quora suitable for dialogue programs, micro-blog suitable for broadcast, WeChat for directional transmission.

at the same time we have to see that so far to do BBS is not less, but more, more and more intense competition in the industry. For example, a few days ago, a local web site owners told me that in a county in southern Henan, local community sites up to 7.

different products in the competition, the same product in the competition, the relevant industry competition is also very bad, especially the vertical industry invasion. Comprehensive real estate, automobile vertical website, similar to the BBS classification information website for all kinds of BBS huge pressure.

thus get a conclusion: to build a station will be someone to open a new version of the irrigation time has passed forever. Non professional, non BBS will not have the opportunity to


2, the user more and more picky!

web site a few days off only a short while ago, all right, the moderator readily readily delete letter swagger before others. Today, your BBS reading speed slower than 3 seconds to try?

Users of

products are becoming more and more critical of the rules, more and more seriously, the service request more and more.