today, I went to the site today with the headlines to contribute, but found that today’s headlines open advertising system. Unlike other advertising alliance, today’s headlines can also put their own advertising, but the need for audit.

way of advertising you can choose not to advertise, can also choose their own headlines today, advertising, and launch their own advertising, the size of control on the picture to 100*100 pixels, but need to review. And then the background binding their bank cards on the line, the proceeds can reach 100 of the time. This is the basis of the majority of the advertising alliance is the same, are 100 yuan to cash.


and today’s headlines if their own ads, you can choose to link text and pictures two.


today’s headlines open advertising system has a certain impact on the advertising alliance

is well known, several major domestic advertisers, such as Baidu, Sogou, Ali mother, some time ago also launched its own advertising alliance system 360. Today’s headlines opened the advertising system, there will be a few big impact.

I had hung up Baidu union advertising, Sogou alliance advertising, Ali mother’s ad. To the author’s own experience on the three major advertising to do a comparison.

Baidu alliance ad:

application is difficult, requires a certain amount of site traffic. The site must be filed, and the seizure is very strict, even if the malicious click or malicious traffic attacks, will be sealed off, the application has to be a month later to apply for a complaint. For advertisers, it is more beneficial to the webmaster like me, too much trouble. So I just gave up

Sogou alliance advertising:

is relatively easy to apply for, the site must be filed, but some indecent words often appear on the website, including some pictures. Picture design is very attractive, however, click on the price is very low.

Ali mother’s advertising alliance:

is relatively easy to apply for some, but not suitable for personal webmaster, do Taobao guest website, then perhaps good, with a long time, but also requires the site for the record.

today’s headlines advertising system:

relatively speaking, it is very relaxed and casual ah, first, you do not need to have their own website to access the media from the identity of the people, enjoy today’s headlines into advertising. Second, there is no advertising system requires the site must be filed, but require their own advertising needs to be reviewed. So, this is the majority of people from the media required for the media platform, the spring came