has always been a little more than the quiet of the new trend.

in the user’s view, as a community watercress seems to have been stored in the memory of a place, it does not fade, but it did not become bright. Now, with the changes in the content and cultural areas, watercress finally came out to do some new things.

in late August, watercress CEO Yang Bo said in an internal e-mail, from the beginning of this year has been in the direction of culture and content made a lot of efforts, so PingWest play goods linked to the watercress user product vice president responsible for Geng Xinyue, and is responsible for reading, film and other cultural services Vice President Dai Qinlai about the next in the end what will become of watercress.

content: column, new features, encourage the creation of

watercress users, each person may not be the same day to open the watercress may be the same, but if you zoom in to see, nothing is going to consume a wide range of content. So in the new version of watercress App, a significant update is the content of the home page style and organization has a very big change.

Geng Xinyue told PingWest to play, from Monday to Friday, watercress every day will recommend a different column for the user, such as Monday is "I’m free tonight," Tuesday is Tuesday read a novel… Friday is where to go on the weekend. Behind this form, watercress is in fact the function of the product can be expected to become more simple and easy to consume.


, for example, in the new version of App before the line, the user may need to go to the watercress city activities page to see the weekend place to play, but now it can be directly through the front page column can achieve the same purpose, when the user can read the contents of the way before the need to achieve the function of a product.

now, watercress is using the content of the value of re packaging tool products. Next, the function of many of its products are expected to be passed over to the user.

In addition to the content of

products, watercress has continued to also provide a lot of new features for content producers. Like rights channel, the original statement, appreciation, identification of these content creators for some of the features have been on the line, and some have been in the development plan watercress. In Geng Xinyue opinion, and WeChat cooperation channels to solve the problem is to stand outside the station plagiarism, the original statement is to follow the introduction of the contents of the incentive to make the production of bedding. The main purpose of the development of these products is to protect the interests of the author, to encourage the creation of.

in accordance with the watercress ideas, tools and content will become the next bean product architecture forecourt, social function will become the product architecture in the backyard. What is the biggest reason for the forecourt of the new and old customers to visit, the backyard will bear the responsibility of the customer to precipitation.