Beijing Xinhua (reporter Peng Qian) in January 3, bitcoin in 2017 ushered in a good start, the price exceeded $1000 mark, a record 3 years of record.

bitcoin trading information analysis site bitcoin counter data released, as of press time, the price of bitcoin trading near $1021, hit a new high since November 2013.

analysts believe that geopolitical instability, increased interest in professional investors, such as multiple factors, is the cause of bitcoin prices steadily rising in the past few months.

bitcoin prices from 2013’s all-time high of $1163, but there is a certain distance, but the size of the bitcoin has been greatly increased in the past. Currently, the bitcoin market funds have more than $16 billion. Experts predict that the future bitcoin trading market will continue to expand the scale, prices may continue to rise.

bitcoin is a virtual currency used only in the digital world, the concept in 2008 by the Cong people a pseudonym in 2009 proposed, the world’s first bitcoin software algorithm. Bitcoin is created by the computer and a string of complex code, not the issuer, not controlled by the central bank and other financial institutions, anyone can through the network mining, purchase and sale of bitcoin or charge.

users through the operation of certain software, through a number of calculations to complete a specific mathematical problems, you can get a certain bitcoin. This was a process called bitcoin mining". The issue of bitcoin is controlled by software algorithms. According to the algorithm, the more the number of existing bitcoin, the greater the difficulty of making new bitcoins. According to calculations, by 2140, the total amount of bitcoins will reach the upper limit – 21 million.

from 2013 onwards, bitcoin prices have experienced a number of rounds of global slump soared, causing concern in the global multi regulatory authorities, and issued a warning against the risk of bitcoin.