talked about writing is a very distressing event for many people, always do not know where the fingers under the keyboard, always because of how to start and headache, and even sometimes, who always want to help write the beginning, the following things all smooth and so on, this series of ideas may be in everyone the student writing have met, I was impressed.

In fact,

for the writing of Yang Zi that sometimes it will mercilessly forced himself, saying do not say? Do not know, do not force a forced jump, aware of their own potential So that is what it is. is huge, "as the saying goes: there is pressure on the power" is the word of the truth of this sentence. At the same time, this is the first time Yang Zi entered the Internet industry to study the study of SEO, the deep feeling of writing articles.


of course was in junior grade one or two when the teacher will often put Yang Zi’s composition as an essay read to the class and proud, but in high school after the Chinese teacher is useless to urge our weekly must write an essay, especially in senior high, more relaxed, and then Yang Zi is like a horse on the grassland wild indulgence, every Friday the teacher did not check the assignment of the composition, so don’t take it seriously, in the memory of high school composition should be usually did not write 10 papers.

usually lack of writing exercise, get each exam when writing to see the 800 the number of words, full of mind to this 800 words how to make up and bite pen put all sorts of things together. Until the university graduated and entered the circle of Internet at work pressure under the pressure once again began to try to write articles, then Yang Zi is the overall operation of the promotion and the SEO in Guangzhou to work with a company responsible for the company website.

was not a man who helped me write copy update the content, then the company’s website is only from Yang Zi to build the new plan, is very exhausting hard for a new website do SEO and operation of the promotion, you must pay great effort, in this case the site planning operation the promotion and SEO of each link is their hands-on.

An important letter

SEO friend should understand the content of the importance of the high quality of the chain, under such pressure at work is really a bit stand, the boss is a more acute, while Yang Zi is sure to think this from the 0 start site. A week before the site on the line, Yang Zi had to prepare 20 high-quality copywriting to fill the site, so that a line after crawling crawling crawling to grab their food".

in writing the first copy of it is very important to extremely, not only access to a lot of related books, but also on the network to collect some material and research competitors copy writing, user group preferences, copy of the title of the writing and so on. It is certainly not for the sake of doing these preliminary work