I got a job in the Spring Festival in 2008, when I had not graduated yet. Operator of the forum. But the boss asked me to write a plan, I said that the plan is not at all, I must first analysis forum, combined with the relevant materials to write something. Later, I want to write while I write a total of 4 articles to Mister


below for the reference:

management strategy

1 forum visitors list can not be changed to the default does not show, I think the forum has been long enough. Plus this list is really ugly!

2 forum, there are some AD problems exist, the management of these posts should be larger, after all, a clean and comfortable environment for the user is more important


3. The forum partitions some more, may be very important in every section, but now the number of members and the number of the forum posts, too much, in fact, I have always felt that this is a misunderstanding, I think the company mean, divided into sections, put more people to manage, can the rapid development of. Although I do not have much experience, but I think the development of the forum, have characteristics, to partition and plate is now very, very difficult to give professional and powerful feeling! Will only make people feel that this forum has just started, a great goal,.

In fact,

, a multi partition not what is not good, but there will be the problem of mismanagement, me two solutions, the first is the screening plate, the need and the administrator of the forum to discuss, the second is to increase the number of the forum moderators, at least now the forum also did not do the plates were responsible for, can also be for each partition add a district, access is similar to the super moderator. Their role is to manage their own partitions, which can form management,

administrator > > Super Moderator; main > moderator

such a way to deal with, is a large forum or plate partition too many forums to use the model

4 for the students, the forum can open a dating section, can make study abroad students know each other through the forum, friend, acquaintance, of course, this will prevent some fraud, identity authentication is simple, can participate in this forum, after the forum what meeting or forum activities of love what are available through this sector to carry out

5 free service, this is the use of the user’s mind, such as now the forum administrator for everyone to custom avatar, such service is very good, of course, it will spend a lot of time administrators, but I think it is useful to tooth effect. To make it easier for everyone to close to the forum

6 on the recycle bin, this is my personal preference, because I think the management of a forum, if, finally set up a recycle bin section, can do a lot of things. For example