from ancient times, countless facts tell us a truth: it is hard to become the climate, the greater strength of unity and cooperation. In fact, many of the occasions are now paying attention to the spirit of unity and cooperation, especially in the business or shop operators need to unite, a company can only unite the strength of the people to step by step toward the distance, towards success. The same is true of the micro shop, is the so-called people gather firewood flame high, micro shop also need to attach importance to the strength of the team, which is what we want to say the micro shop alliance.

through the "Baotuan", cooperate with others not only for others to bring convenience, but also can let oneself quickly succeed, or be more successful. The development of micro shop also cannot do without the power of the team, micro shop alliance at this time came into being, has injected a tonic for many micro shop sellers of goods promotion.

from the original intention, the original purpose of the micro shop alliance was born to help micro shop sellers to increase the flow of more buyers. However, because it is still in the early stages of construction, micro shop alliance platform only supports online login at this stage, and there is no mobile version, and it is only available on the pocket shop micro shop sellers use. However, with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, these difficulties will eventually be broken.

may be a lot of people do not understand what is the micro shop alliance in the end. In fact, the micro shop alliance is a way to earn a commission through the transaction billing to promote the platform, which is developed and operated by the pocket shopping platform, currently has hundreds of millions of stores to join.

login micro shop alliance, the seller can set their own commission ratio (in general, the proportion of 1% ~ 50%). Micro shop alliance is through the end of the PC and wireless terminal promotion, thus obtaining commissions. Micro shop alliance is the biggest advantage of the Commission settlement is very timely, the shortest time only 7 days. And a large number of different types of micro shop alliance, to meet the diverse needs of a variety of consumer groups, micro shop alliance owners can choose their own site for promotion.

at present, the promotion of micro shop alliance includes the following: single product promotion, theme promotion, keyword promotion, channel promotion, shop promotion. The following is a detailed introduction.

in Baidu (or other search engines) search micro shop alliance, click enter the micro shop alliance login page. Enter the seller’s phone number and password, and then click on the login, enter the micro shop alliance home. Of course, if you have not registered, it is necessary to register and log in.

login, the seller will be able to easily see in the top left of the home page, there are five ways to promote products. Secondly, the eyes have been moving down, will in turn report (see the effect of the actual situation to understand the sellers buyers see goods shop, shop, and estimated (Commission) can fill in from here to easily understand the details of the commission their bank card information and contact us). We are now introducing the theme of "product promotion", the words do not speak much, now ‘let us one’