Jiangnan, the old landscape has been thoroughly.

once a year the world Internet Conference held in Wuzhen, science and technology heavyweights gathered in Wuzhen, star studded. Now the meeting of the three session of the bigwigs, like a star by the media on the Ding Lei pig, and dinner become a super IP, and Lei Jun Zhou Hongyi two times with the frame has been fixed for the Wuzhen heavyweight CP, the most important is that science and technology bigwigs in another high-profile sermon before the altar of the end.

inventory BAT chiefs kept the three session of the conference of the Internet on saying, look at the change rapidly in the industry change, those who have been honored look up to as the standard words, how many, and those changes occurred in



first: Ali is not an e-commerce company, Ali’s business model rarely seen in the world.

second: the Internet into a community of human beings, Ali is entering the transition from IT to DT.

third: the next 30 years to grasp the use of Internet technology in the hands of people, the impact of traditional business is not e-commerce.

when you mentioned that Alibaba will no longer mention e-commerce, five new, the new economy, these words, you will think of alien ma. Ali never lacked news, specifically, a "guidance Jiangshan jiyangwenzi," the lofty sentiments of the Ma has been the focus of media attention.

regression Ma’s words, a 42 dial one thousand jins effect, effectively reflects Ali since the listing of strategic adjustment and change of Ali from the electricity supplier to the strategic transformation of science and technology company Zhishizhizhong firm. In 2014, Ali listed, after Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan electric three carriages for Ali ecological and laid a solid foundation in March last year, Ali GMV 3 trillion mobile become the world’s largest economy, a peak of 120 billion 700 million double 11.

business is Ali first step in the course of 102 years, Ma Yun in a letter to shareholders in the next thirty years, Ali officially set the tone will become a commercial infrastructure provider.

Ali electricity supplier business before reaching the ceiling, Ali’s non electricity supplier business has been fully flowering. Among the world’s third Ali cloud with Amazon AWS, Microsoft AZURE showdown, cultural entertainment business become new business growth Ali, ant payment service valuation reached 75 billion, rookie logistics socialization collaborative ability to upgrade.

"Invictus, across you Ali all the climatic and geographical conditions. Ali with people’s culture and discipline maturity in 2016, "Ali moon gate" small correctional big ring is the best index. After Zhang Yong replaced Lu Zhaoxi as CEO in team building, leadership team to develop Ali young and efficient, launched the "big desk, small Taiwan" organizational structure adjustment, the beginning of 2017, Zhang Yong around the "new" strategy of personnel into.