It is reported that in May 18th

news, cool 6 network’s video site today officially launched mobile phone crowd operation, the other was informed that recently Cool 6 network enabled "theater" Larry domain launched the Cloud View theater website, confirmed after the acquisition rumors.


figure: cloud theater website

after anecdotal Cool 6 network video platform low-key acquisition onlookers Pinyin domain name, after the change from the domain name information confirmed rumors of acquisition of cool 6 nets, and at the time, there are rumors that cool 6 network to buy Larry domain to create Chinese HuLu video websites, but not at the time domain information display and cool 6 network related, and now domain enabled again confirms acquisition of cool 6 network.


map: domain name Whois information

Whois query domain information, domain name registration in December 2004, has been 7 years since the registration time, the owner of the domain name display is cool 6 Network Holdings (Ku6 (Beijing) Information Technology Ltd.), cool 6 network protection also holds, other mainstream suffix registered by others.

Juchang is a theater in pinyin, domain name has a strong video industry, is a good domain name industry, insiders said, the cool 6 network acquisition and enable the launch video website, close to the site operations, vivid image, the website is very successful in domain name strategy, domain name transaction price shall not philippines.