first to talk about a concept, electricity supplier three steps:

business 1 times, to search for the core, the seller and the buyer through the realization of the first interactive search function, this is a bit like the early page, simple, not so much activity, mainly rely on search traffic realized, until now, the search is still play an important role.

business 2 times, with the flow as the core, mainly in 2008 for the beginning, users created a surge in traffic boom, after 4 years has been known as the flow of dividends era, in this 4 years, who will play, who can throw money to grab traffic, who will be able to succeed.

electricity supplier 3 times to fans as the core, to build a loyal community system is the core mission.

maybe a lot of people have doubts, why not the electricity supplier 3 times to brand as the core? In fact, the Internet or ecosystem such as Taobao, it is difficult to create a successful brand, because consumers need to purchase, the seller to provide valuable services and deal, like starry, I have not that is because the user Korean brand to buy, but more is based on demand and purchase.

electricity supplier 3 times there are 2 big cases worthy of our thinking, millet and AFU.

millet never hard hit wide, all the input is based on the community relations and fans as the core, the successful culture of millions of loyal community, Rice noodles so huge as a backing, millet to be involved in more categories, don’t pay attention to what the cross industry concerns.

has a theory called positioning, refers to the brand must be a category of users accounted for the mind, do not engage in diversification, engage in diversified die, but this theory of millet millet is invalid, the most successful business model is the added value of Rice noodles, rather than the mobile phone itself.


as a traditional narrow class brand, through the Internet has made the first brand of Taobao cosmetics category, the importance of God carved deeply understand the fans, idiotic powder, from the line on AFU began is not purely in selling products, but the user experience through a variety of ways to gradually build a number of AFU diehard idiotic powder.

for a small case, micro-blog has a five Taobao store called nanastore (, micro-blog address is, buy her clothes on because grab the seckill, too many people, so most of the products are the store shelves, the owner not to emphasize what brand story, do not fight advertising is not reported, the only thing to do is to gather a group of fans, raising a community.

of course, there are too many Taobao stores like this.


to everyone’s inspiration lies in: there is only a future fans, playing >