March 12th, Youku Limited by Share Ltd (NYSE: YOKU) and potato (NASDAQ: TUDO) Limited by Share Ltd announced that the two sides signed a final agreement on March 11th, Youku and potatoes will be 100% of the convertible merger. The new company was named Youku potatoes Limited by Share Ltd (Youku Tudou Inc.)".


After the merger of

, Youku shareholders and holders of American depositary receipts will have about 71.5% of the shares of the new company, the shareholders of potatoes and the United States depository receipts holders will have a new company about 28.5% of the shares. Youku’s American depositary receipts will continue to trade on the New York stock exchange, the code is still YOKU. The potatoes will be delisted from nasdaq. According to informed sources, Youku Tudou, Youku CEO Victor Koo will serve as the new company CEO, CEO and Wang Wei will join the board of the new company.

multi hot potatoes Youku merger


Youku Tudou issued a message, it caused no small controversy on the Internet, is to make the video website industry in an uproar. Many people in the industry have expressed their views on the merger through various channels. Cool 6 network founder Li Shanyou micro-blog said: "praise Koo and Wang Wei, this is the business of intellect and wisdom beyond personal feelings and emotional decisions, but also the state and pattern of change, deeply touched. No matter how the outside world, the two of them are to change and forge the Chinese video site industry!."

Cool 6 network founder Li Shanyou micro-blog (Admin5 webmaster plan)


Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu suggests: "Youku Tudou, China network video market highlights the pattern clear, industry concentration increased, is conducive to the healthy development of the industry. Iqiyi and Youku potatoes development mode, brand positioning has apparent difference, have more opportunities in the future of the industry prospects and current changes."

but there are some conservative views, well-known IT critic Xie Wen said: "in the micro-blog in tactics and in the short term, with a clever move, reduce the cost of the competition, expand the vertical field advantage. In the strategy and the long term, the merger does not solve the challenges of the TV terminal into the service platform after the network terminal, but also did not solve the problem of competition with the Portal Video services."

with respect to the professional evaluation of the industry, many ordinary users are also on the Youku and potatoes merged published their own views, Youku potatoes, the merger has also burst red network. "Apple took a look at Android, Mengniu took a look at Erie, the beetle looked at mini, McDonald’s took a look at KFC, Coca-Cola saw >