today to talk to you about a personal site planning and promotion of the operation of the strategy, there is no specific point is what the station, talking about the content is relatively large, should be suitable for any website. There is a large site webmaster can continue to look down, with no ambition at all, as the site is friends please don’t look down. So as not to waste your precious time.  

      first, when it comes to the site, we will naturally think of traffic, yes, a website, traffic is its soul, no traffic. Any web site to do better, can not discover his true value, you may pay more than others, but you may end up working so hard, what is not. Today I would like to talk about, how to start from the flow of personal web site this one, with your site into the success of.  

      traffic can be distinguished as follows: one is the recent traffic. One is fixed flow.  
      fixed flow rate and a number of factors, including: the site’s domain name, site name, site type, content update rate, the content of the attractiveness of the site the amount of working capital etc.. Pull too many variables, this is not the focus of my research today, I am talking about how the initial increase in the early days of personal web site traffic problems.  

      the initial establishment of the site, how can we improve the site’s recent traffic, I generally use the following methods to achieve my rapid upgrade " the recent flow of " plan.  

      note: the following is a summary of my personal experience. Agree or not agree with, only for reference.  

      1 first of all, you have to have a perfect program, try to use the PHP language, the database to make use of SQL, of course, you cow B to use more advanced language and database that better, and try to use your program to generate htm.

      2 SEO, it is necessary to master every webmaster, do not ask you a very specialized, but need to get familiar with the SEO, you do not know how to optimize it, title? If you don’t know, you can ask Yang Fan!

      3 site links, the lowest cost in this way, and can be long-term, lasting, stable play a role, it is recommended to establish a link with a professional self-help link platform.