someone emailed to me about this today, free is free, but also have the license agreement, the show in the future a serious violation of the provisions of the agreement without the restriction of the terms of the fourth

found today

two, protocol constraints and constraints

1, the software can not be used for the state does not allow the creation of the site (including pornography, reactionary, including viruses, gambling sites).

2, without official permission, shall not be allowed to rent, sell, mortgage or grant a license to the software or the associated business license.

3, regardless of your site is the overall use of the system, or part of the use of this software, you use the software website home page must be added to the official website ( link.

4, without official permission, to prohibit the use of any or all of the software on the basis of the development of any derived version, modified version or the third party version for redistribution.

5, if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement, your authority will be terminated, and the right to be granted will be taken back and bear the corresponding legal responsibility.


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The use of free

core to sell, is a lack of respect without the author, does not comply with the free license, will complete by the people reviled

! what he called the label description is a worry free

version of the 0229 version of worry free (version 0229 worry free comes with 4 sets of templates) Keyword=%C6%D5%B6%FD%B2%E8 search plugin

hope that we exchange the message, to prevent other unknown owners cheated!

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free program is free, completely free! Please do not be deceived, for this program to take others accounted for some people, we will seriously BS him