technology news December 21st noon news, Taobao today announced a strategic alliance platform upgrade, and re enable the "Mom" brand name. After the upgrade, Ali’s mother’s advertising business will be extended from Taobao based business oriented to the whole network. According to official data, in 2012, Taobao and Taobao Adsense alliance platform to bring customers into revenue exceeded 3 billion, an increase of 100% from the mobile terminal advertising business is up to one hundred million.

according to reports, the upgraded "Mom" platform will be the main development of the three major business lines, in addition to the Taobao customer as the main products of Taobao alliance, the new platform will also focus on the development of window display advertising as the main products of the Tanx platform. In addition, Ali mother will be formally established in the field of wireless advertising Taobao wireless alliance.

data show that in 2012 Taobao Union into the amount of 3 billion yuan in the amount of individual sites obtained from the Taobao alliance is divided into the most, accounting for nearly $31%, nearly $1 billion. Followed by, beauty and other shopping guide sharing site, accounting for 21%. Imported media, vertical sites, portals video, third party agents accounted for 19%, respectively, 15%, 12% and 2%.

mobile terminal, according to the person in charge of Taobao wireless union heavy mountain revealed that Taobao a year ago in the field of wireless mobile advertising attempt. 2012, Taobao alliance wireless business is divided into 100 million yuan, of which the beautiful said,, fruit library, pocket shopping and other App operators are divided into nearly $50 million.

from Taobao alliance advertisers main category, clothing and footwear seller most women’s category accounted for up to 18.8%. In 2012, the turnover of women in the first category of transactions, accounting for 20.7%, followed by 4.9% for men and 7.1% of women’s shoes.

According to iResearch statistics

, Chinese advertising alliance 2010-2012 into amount were 2 billion 980 million, 4 billion 640 million, 7 billion 580 million, accounting for Chinese Internet display advertising market share increased from 17% in 2010 to 21.7% in 2012.

Taobao Alliance said that the platform currently has more than 500 thousand active members, covering millions of sellers and Taobao station outside B2C shopping site, 300 million promotion goods, covering more than 4 billion 500 million daily PV. (Yun Fang)


Ali Ali mother brand name Taobao alliance will gradually fade out