is the Internet advertising and media attention of the new enterprise "network" ( is a very creative with "ice breaking" ceremony in Hangzhou’s Millennium ancient canal river a "co village" in the prelude of the classical garden.

at the ceremony, a total of 4 net and founder of Softbank, Ding Hui, two international investment institutions responsible person appeared together, hammer a piece of ice. The total net LOGO and ice hit "broken", meaning the total net official "ice breaking voyage".


is a network" the creation, development, to today’s smooth operation, together with Mr. Lin flashing effort, Mr. Lin Dong business wisdom, the new period reflects the Zhejiang merchant’s innovative spirit and unique mode of thinking.

Mr. Lin

is chairman of Hangzhou Greenfull group. It can be said that the creation of "total net", he is the king of dry beef from become a leading Internet upstart "leap".

China’s beef jerky king

Lin has a insiders gave him the nickname "the Chinese beef king", so called because Lin led Greenfull group is the largest manufacturer of Chinese beef jerky, the existing staff of more than 1000, daily processing 50 tons of beef, the sales network covering 17 provinces, more than and 80 prefecture level cities from 2000 onwards, sales to double the annual rate of rapid growth.

was founded by Mr. Lin Sheng Hangzhou Green Food Co., Ltd. in 1993, 1997 in Australia, after the students returned into the deep processing of agricultural products industry, to create "Green Sheng" brand, established in 2004 Greenfull group. In the course of business for many years, always find a unique business thinking in Mr. Lin Dong’s body, it is the embodiment of Zhejiang has the spirit of innovation.

to create a network of food traditions of modern precedent

December 12, 2005, Hangzhou Sheng Sheng group and do online games Hangzhou day science and technology to form a strategic alliance, their products directly embedded in each other’s products, interactive marketing.

The new "

QQ energy Greenfull date" is designed directly 3D national network game "Tianchang Datang Fengyun", and is the most efficient one in the game, the game character "almighty tonic" QQ energy can edible jujube added strength, and can supplement and complement the spiritual power, is better than other food.

at the same time in the national market sales of up to about 60000000 packs of "QQ energy dates", its packaging is also marked on the "Datang Fengyun" game figures.

this way, Greenfull group and Tianchang companies in their non competitive field for each other for effective promotion, have their own resources as a kind of media, the advertising for each other, has made a great effect on the market. This "QQ energy jujube" sales volume is 9 times the same period last year a new product, "Datang Fengyun >