The characteristics of

activities of fishing website has been the "wind", not only on the electricity supplier website discounted wave, the holiday effect was significantly more "". In the past Tanabata Festival, gifts, flowers, a substantial increase in the number of phishing sites. Reporters learned from the China Anti phishing alliance Secretariat, Tanabata Festival on the same day phishing sites increased by 135%.

china anti phishing alliance recently released statistics show that the Tanabata Festival on the same day that the alliance and the treatment of phishing sites about 200, significantly higher than usual. These phishing sites mainly get together in gifts, flowers, integrated online shopping e-commerce sites, it is estimated that a large number of Internet users deceived.

it is understood that the most typical phishing sites is making and regular web page for similar as like as two peas, domain name confusion Internet audio-visual, and even some criminals make their own network through the network promotion means elaborate phishing sites ranked in the search results page before a few. Not only that, phishing sites also lurking in the Q Q, forums, micro-blog and other Internet users in various hot spots.

received link Q Q, very similar to the domain name and the formal website, "even more so, if you do not look carefully, probably for Gospel truth." A netizen said.

industry experts to remind, due to phishing sites specializes in guerrilla warfare, latent war, ordinary Internet users rely on the site page is difficult to identify. So we should pay attention to real identity information through the trusted sites and verify the current access to the site to determine the authenticity of the site, if users awareness is not strong or not true identity verification site, it is easy to encounter phishing scams.