Admin5 station network August 10th news recently, Nanjing police uncovered a Ministry of public security supervision of pornographic websites case, the website upload nearly 20 thousand pornographic images, more than 100 thousand registered members. Police in Nanjing arrested a Super Moderator, unexpectedly found a police station in the body.

the Ministry of public security supervision of pornographic websites case

May 20, 2009, the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment received clues to the Provincial Public Security Bureau, a website called Moulin Rouge, there are a large number of pornographic pictures, movies. After preliminary investigation, police investigators found that the "Moulin Rouge" website is a comprehensive pornographic website, with pornographic pictures 15100, pornographic articles 8050, online porn movie 496 movie and seed 2568, registered members up to more than 10 people.

according to the preliminary investigation showed that the site has a Super Moderator in Nanjing residential district of Yuhuatai. Follow up survey by collecting evidence, the ad hoc police, in the dissemination of pornographic websites, videos, pictures of the evidence at the same time, at the end of May compared with the condition of the site master Super Moderator, moderator.

in view of the "Moulin Rouge" website pornographic content is large, bad influence, in June 2009, the Ministry of public security will be the case as supervise the handling of cases.

2 months arrested the suspect


at the beginning of June, the group decided to arrest. Due to the Super Moderator in Nanjing Hu work time is not fixed, when the police arrived early in the morning of June 10th in the Yuhuatai area of a residential apartment, found Hu received a temporary task to go out to work at night, no home, so the police in the area around waiting for an ambush, at 7 pm, when the "Moulin Rouge" website Super Moderator Hu mougang got home, it was the police blocked. In its place, the police seized the computer 1, police handheld radio 1.

according to preliminary interrogation, the police were informed of the internal division of the porn site. Subsequently, the Nanjing police tracked through the line, the police corps division went to Heilongjiang, and Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Zhejiang, has the Zhang captured 3 Super Moderator and kongmou 7 moderator. As of June 19th, with the suspect Yang finally arrested, after more than 2 months of careful investigation, Nanjing police successfully arrested 13 suspects zhang.

The development of the 100 thousand member


trial, Zhang et al confessed to hire a virtual space in the outside, the establishment of the Moulin Rouge pornographic pornographic websites, wantonly development of members. In the beginning of the establishment of this porn site, any Internet users can browse the site, but with the "Moulin Rouge" in the reputation of Internet users, they implemented a second step plan, that is to make money. They require users who want to enter the site must be registered as a member, and then enter the site to browse pornographic images, registered as members will spend money.