a is expected, the huge monster Tencent, of course, is not afraid to add such a lightweight stuff in a bloated QQ, there is a not too like originator Twitter, but like Twitter the best and the localization of China clones not rice, which of course can be understood as the meal not recognized, but not rice certainly does not want to see this recognition.

      Wang Xing;

      an analysis of small companies to deal with the strategy of large companies are divided into "invisible", "look down upon", "do not understand", "learn not" and "can not stop" these stages. Since the rice is not so popular in foreign countries, we can not expect the domestic giants who can not see and look down on this model.

      indeed, Twitter may not be popular enough to pop to "see" and "down", Twitter is simple enough, simple to be "cannot read" and "learn", as long as the giants such as QQ to "stop" stage seems to be difficult to appear the.

      although simple, but so far, Twitter, no matter whether there is no obvious business model, send text messages are contributed to the mobile, China Unicom, is not divided into. Twitter, what is the value of rice? Is it the fact that everyone sends the message itself, or is it possible for everyone to send information to a lot of friends in a variety of ways? I think, should be the latter is more important, because this fact can mean Twitter, no meal can grow as a platform is possible, or rather, is based on browser, IM and mobile phone platform, it certainly has a good imagination, but the underlying problem is that IM and mobile phone are the platform is too strong, compared with them, in fact, Fanfou is vulnerable groups, but surging is to prove the reality.

      so, is it the end of the meal? Not necessarily. I haven’t seen any meal, using QQ to send information, not one, all the information from the web, MSN, Gtalk and mobile phone, and this of course my circle of the user group and QQ almost no coincidence, because many users have been basically abandoned QQ instead of using MSN and Gtalk this user group, can be considered as QQ cannot be taken away: the number is very large, there is still space fanfou.

      MSN and Gtalk at least for the time being, there is no evidence to launch similar services, but not to worry about the meal may be xiaoi – MSN based on the robot, to clone a Fanfou seems very easy, who knows.