1 CCTV War: the Internet is to get rid of TV

CCTV is the tragic decline, the data is flustered, in recent years the star show with it missed: 2004, Hunan satellite TV with "Super Girls" (the highest ratings of 11.65) deus ex, leading local TV; in 2010, Jiangsu satellite TV, "" the If You Are The One dating shows up to the peak (up to 4.53); 2012, Zhejiang satellite TV "The Voice of China" create draft Copyright import frenzy (highest 6.1).

CCTV’s signature dishes are also declining year after year, the 2011 spring festival gala for 18.3442012 years for the year of 17.372013 to 11.362. The evening of CCTV, the impact of the first from the Internet, followed by local television barbaric growth. CCTV war, traditional enterprises have to see.

2 where to why the loss of 150 million?

is about to visit the United States where the program plans to raise $125 million, but staggering figure is the company cumulative loss of 150 million yuan.

that is not so simple on the surface, this 150 million yuan is only about 60 million of the real operating loss of 75 million yuan, the other is a floating loss number, is a carefully designed option – and this source of Fukui is: holding 61% of the shares "has to go home" Baidu is not willing to be diluted shares.


has been profitable in 2010 where to go after Baidu in 2011 but a loss for two consecutive years and more losses more? Why? In the flow of resources to support for the company’s Baidu didn’t have to go where the more cheap


3 Baidu and the perfect world to explore the acquisition of Chinese

reliable industry sources, Baidu is working with the perfect world to discuss aspects of the acquisition of Chinese and foreign affairs, the two sides have entered a substantive stage of negotiations, the acquisition price given by Baidu between three to four hundred million.

comparison of people’s acquisition of reading network bid, the Baidu acquisition of Chinese made by the network is not high price, why the analysis down for two reasons:

1 and Chinese net annual loss of tens of millions, there is always the risk of collapse, eager to get the perfect or the introduction of foreign investment. And Chinese network development in recent years has been the high price strategy to dig the God, successively from the starting point, the wandering toad, poaching of innocence, to ecstatic dream machine "God level of", almost every year to keep the two gods, the rhythm of poaching. According to reports, only the ecstatic dream machine one million yuan in costs more than poaching.

2 network literature concept although very hot, but in fact there is no market price has already entered the stage, Daikin main to do acquisitions, can choose many objectives, network literature acquisition is in fact a buyer’s market.

acquisition vertical