IDC Review Network ( 05 reported on May: Recently, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the latest global.CN domain name registration data. It shows that as of April 2014, the global.CN domain name registration total has risen to 10666626 in March, a net increase of 308567, an increase of considerable.

(Figure 1).CN domain growth trend chart

as shown in Figure 1, in the past six months, the development trend of the global.CN domain names tend to be good, but the growth is not stable, one after another. Which in 2013 of December,.CN domain name registration reached the highest value of 10829480. However, into the early 2014,.CN domain name into a period of low tide, negative growth in the domain name. Fortunately, in March, the total number of.CN domain recovery, once again exceeded 10 million in April,.CN domain name registration has increased to nearly 10 million 670 thousand.

below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about 2014 in April, the latest.CN domain name registration.

(Figure 2) 2014.CN domain name statistical chart

Figure 2

according to the statistics shown in the table, the.Cn domain name to occupy half of the country, the total registered growth to 8611089, the proportion is as high as 80.7%. Followed by domain name, registration volume exceeded 1 million, up to 1048419, accounting for more than 9.8%. domain name registration amount increased to 732711, accounting for more than 6.9%. While the remaining.Cn suffix domain names are less than 3%.

The domain name registration amount to 142608, accounting for 1.3%; domain name small amount increased to 63383, accounting for 0.6%; is 56009, accounting for 0.5%;, and domain name registration is less, respectively 4295, 8045 and 67.