December 2008 08, the ancient Qiang science and technology NetSNS V1.5.0 build1208 free version of the official release, easy to integrate with a variety of site system.

NetSNS is based on the development of social networking site Asp.Net system. Can be integrated with a variety of interactive Web applications, the entire product using advanced technology (SQL2000 database, Ajax, Div+CSS layout, and many other popular elements of the network which included), suitable for all aspects of the application requirements. Provide a safe, stable, efficient, easy to use, fast SNS platform. NetSNS platform has a very rich expansion of entertainment features, will shorten the distance between you and Facebook, happy network and other well-known SNS community, with the most advanced technology to help you build your own private exclusive entertainment community.

NetSNS basic functions including product integration, mini blog, photo album, log, film, sharing, group, Notepad, friends, private messages, network etc.. Can be integrated with NetCMS, Discuz, NT and other site products. As the first focus on the field of entertainment and social networking site building system, NetSNS also supports integration with a variety of mainstream Webgame projects.


NetSNS V1.5.0 build1208 official version is the first version of the ASP.NET open source free SNS, while providing product development documents and source code download package for free download. NetSNS official demo station is the largest SNS community in the west.

NetSNS function instructions

[basic function]

1, home page: friends interaction (who visited me, who I visited), looking for a friend (met city friends, meet all the friends), friends new

2, my space: personal photos, personal basic information, personal dynamic, personal album, log, personal information, message boards, friends, mood diary, sharing, movies, group

3, friends: my friends, search friends, looking for friends, invite friends

4, network: users in various regions

5, private letter: inbox, outbox, write a private letter, notice

[extended function]

1, mood diary: write mood, friends mood, my mood

2, album: Friends of the latest album, the recent circle of friends, my album, create albums, upload photos, share photos

3, log: log, log, log, share log, draft box >