editor’s note: the following is a Chinese personal webmaster domain name stolen, largely because the CSDN with the same username and password for use in Godaddy, because the CSDN password leak, resulting in Godaddy account theft, eventually making the domain name theft. To prevent the Godaddy domain name stolen as long as there are two points: Godaddy mail account and Godaddy account, using a separate user name (not other websites and the same user name and domain name) strong password, lock (unlock the migration will send the mail, email) to use safe mailbox (recommended using Gmail, open the "two step verification" function, the whole world at present only the Gmail has this mobile phone dynamic password authentication, so unless the Gmail user password and mobile phone stolen at the same time, otherwise it is difficult to break the hackers). If the Godaddy domain name after the theft, China users to negotiate is very troublesome, the webmaster experience is remarkable, so the editors forwarded this article, to remind the majority of owners to protect their own domain name.

is the following:

is known to all, the domain name is the foundation of a web site, like the root of a tree, the ground beneath the building, once the domain name stolen, the site will be devastating blow. After hackers get domain name ownership, can be brought to his own DNS server, the website will be changed into a covered Trojan or virus page, so users enter the page on the trojans. Or you can jump directly to the domain name on the porn site, through the porn site to profit, which is a short time to obtain huge profits approach. But he can also copy the original site, so that the interface looks exactly the same, and then the site’s advertising all for his own, through advertising to obtain sustained benefits. In short the stolen domain name, the original owners on their website has everything to lose control, even if the replacement of the domain name, netizens in a short period of time is also very difficult to get new addresses, change the domain name, the website must vitality, web site reputation is a bit bigger, there may be a part of the users through the website name will find come, famous small waste directly.

due to the lack of legal protection, the domain name stolen, the only way is to find a domain name registrar complaint, because the Public Security Bureau and the court usually will not accept. There is no any display domain registrar must be responsible for the theft of the domain name, the daily received complaints over the domain registrar in order to avoid taking unnecessary risks, usually refused domain name registration appeals, and let them go to the police or to the court, mutual buck. So now the domain name is basically in three regardless of the situation, once stolen, can find very few, in order to protect the domain name can only rely on their own.

author’s personal website was founded in early 2005, in fact, as early as 2007, the domain name has been stolen in February. Domain name is registered in an agent of the new network, the new network was one of the two major domain name registrar. At that time I had more than a dozen important places need to use a password, such as Q>