these days recently chatting with friends about entrepreneurship, or feeling very deep, especially in the Internet industry, to have a lot of conditions need to be successful, even one short board, may be the last fatal. I have been reflecting on this period of time the process of our business, after reflection, I sort out the seven conditions I think the Internet business.

      CO production team: the common concept of exclusive personality + + skills. The idea is not much to say, there is no uniform goal is best not to start, or to the end or to split in the end. Technology is the basis of site, if the technology is very weak, it is best not to start, otherwise can not be fully expressed, in addition to the concept of project schedule delay, lost the most important time for start-up, it means losing opportunities and cost. Technology is best to have a relatively strong architect, the product is the core of the site, you need to look at how to develop the basic framework of the future. The market is an important role in the start-up period, unless you do not want to let others know that you exist, there are people in the industry media resources is necessary, if not, it is time to start training. Team members in character, at least initially, is necessary, there is no need to spend time on friction, it is better to have a period of time with a friend.

      product value innovation. We are doing a product, it is considered the value of the value of the user is what, what is the value of the business. I would like to see the Internet as a creative work, we are creating new things, creating a new service, or to change the existing services to enhance the user experience better. At the same time we create commercial value, to understand what to cater to. Entrepreneurship is to create business value, if you do not know where the business export, the future who will pay for your business? You also need to consider, product differentiation, and not to compete with the giants.

      time management mentality. Time is the fundamental condition of the success or failure of the project, entrepreneurship is not a matter of half a year, you need to work hard. Entrepreneurship will face a lot of difficulties, a lot of time in the heart is a kind of suffering, insist on not necessarily win, but give up inevitable failure. Doing business is difficult, it needs to go through several stages, the first step is to develop and perfect, the second step need to consolidate the users, the third step requires the user has accumulated to a certain scale, the fourth step is perhaps try commercial exploration, the fifth step is perhaps the development scale of real business model, and then continue to expand the scale of development. All these need time, all these need a stable state of mind to run steadily, any one industry can not change the nature of the business, business rules are constant, impetuous mentality can only push, finally no harvest, including investment success.

      fund. Need to start