2005, a debate on the label

watercress is a common thing."

ten years after the creation of watercress network, a North (Yang Bo) sitting in the company has more than 200 employees in the conference room, to curiosity daily to explain his understanding of watercress. He is the "universal" has been emphasized in the word, is that you use in the watercress on function, as a group, label, or beans, can be seen from various fields, not just the first audio book, this is the biggest change in watercress.

the final change experienced a controversy in 2005 with the user, an exploration of 2007 with the product manager, an experiment in 2010 and the city of Alfa, and users will touch on the revision from time to time.

as the story of a lot of people have heard the same, a North from the beginning of 2004, write the code alone in the alley near Beijing watercress Starbucks, want to do is start a "donkey Zong", a travel related websites, but later realize that reading is a broader field, so there is watercress.

but more people have not heard of the story, he and watercress on an early user Xuer on the label controversy. 2005 watercress only a person in the north, then the site’s first batch of employees, as well as the direction of the development and discussion of the site, were born at the time of the user has been registered watercress.

the big argument, watercress has labeling system at that time, you mark a book or movie, you can play on a label, such as books on "science fiction", or "Lu Xun", or "travel", a North advocate label separate books the book, film to film, "because I feel more pure, so science fiction books and science fiction movies are separate." A north to curiosity daily said.

watercress on the Xuer by the then Chinese experience set (cnblog.org) promoter Mao Xianghui’s invitation to the message, in March 24, 2005 to join the watercress, watercress just on-line soon. He does not agree with the label of the division, that the label should be in two categories on the general, put together. Two people not dispute, Xuer flay will own all the things in the bean out, when he marked about hundreds of books.

2005, the label is a fresh and exciting thing to him, so he expressed in the blog: "I felt instinctively that the development of the Internet in the future is the pivotal tag tag, really grassroots, really free." His blog, as well as the rise of social networks Flickr and Delicious have such a label form.

"complex information in the human body is uniform," this is the insistence of > Xuer