these days suddenly found a new dimension of grassroots level, that is, I am very serious Internet vdoing. with Baidu to search for this thing. It is a statistical device. Some people say that someone scolded. As a spectator in the heart of the biggest feeling is that this year in China’s Internet industry is still crazy than normal people. For those of us the most common than to see jokes.

but from the Baidu search out so many news and posts, this dimension does not seem to be joking, they are very confident and calm. No matter be scolded or are applauded for they are very quiet, this is a kind of thinking, is also a kind of behavior strategy. Fortunately, they are very clever, clever know how to use their own money to do the right thing.

I’m sure a lot of people must think I’m talking about them. It’s a pity that I’m not a normal person, just a housewife with a little blog. But I want to go on with my favorite psychological studies.

put forward a few ideas about the category dimension from the psychological behavior, they put forward the concept is not new, but it’s all over the world in a study, detection of the criminal acts of crime, which is called writing side. If the behavior of real life can be simulated, infection, assimilation, then I believe that everyone’s network life behavior can also be simulated and analyzed. Perhaps their database is not well established, but we can not deny that it has a certain real reliability. So I believe those posts and constantly shouting and suppress, must be out of their competitor. Perhaps for these people this kind of behavior will be a win-win situation, even if there is no curse down they also played their role is just speculation, compare regrettablly is, in addition to its own people’s psychological attachment and habits is the most nostalgic mood, self evolving. If there is no constant growth and evolution will not have today’s civilized society.

no one will always indulge in a model and form of the product, the environment. Unless it’s a matter of responsibility and morality. Otherwise, in psychology this is a kind of morbid disease, like pedophilia or fetish generally. So for those same dimensions or other in doing these things or people, any small blog owner or, or the 2 fell in love and married people or to keep for long time need not abuse accusations, because the accused is abuse means to stay, encourage and new game the rule is the change and innovation.

here, I suggest that the dimension has been maintained by this kind of hard, calm, thinking, exploration spirit, so you have to keep this pace and demeanor to continue to walk. Don’t stop to rest or take part in a senseless war. Unless it can have the benefits of an American fight against iraq. Otherwise, beware of later imitators beyond your.